Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Internet Packages. Telenor Internet Packages offer high-speed internet Service at a very low rate to the talkshawk and djuice costumers. Telenor Pakistan offers a big list of Internet Packages. All these internets Bundle come up with new and interesting packages. They are competing with each other on the basis rates, services, and reach. With all the cellular services offering different packages, there are Telenor Internet Packages which serve their users to the fullest.  Every day we see an advertisement of a cellular service promoting their packages and convincing people as to why they are the best with all the effort. There are internet packages offered by Telenor and they all have cheap rates and best services to costumers.

Telenor Internet Packages For Talkshawk Users:

2G Internet Bundles Rupees Volume Expiry (Days) Subscription Code
Mini Bundle 5 5MB 1 *345*931#
Daily Bundle 12 50MB 1 *345*932#
3 Day Bundle 20 300MB 3 *345*933#
Weekly Bundle 40 500MB 7 *345*934#
Unlimited Monthly Bundle 250 2.5GB 30 *345*935#
Time Bundle 5 60minutes free data usage 1 *919#
Facebook Offer 1 50MB 1 Send SMS ‘internet’ to 131
Download Offer 3.99 400 MB from 1AM to 9AM 1 *345*907#
Sasta Internet Offer Rs 1.5 / MB Rs 1.5 / MB 1 *915#

Telenor SMS packages

Telenor SMS packages

Telenor SMS packages

Telenor SMS packages are giving free SMS Service to any network in Pakistan. Telenor offers a big list of Sms Bundles including Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sms Bundles with free minutes also. Telenor offers the best Bundles for SMS in Pakistan. Djuice Subscribers are offered with best deals and at the same time, there are some Amazing Telenor SMS packages on Talkshawk also. However, there are complete details of all the Sms Bundles provided on the both Talkshawk and Djuice. Telenor Talkshawk users can enjoy Amazing SMS Bundles as the quality and the rates are Amazing by the Telenor satisfying the users to the fullest. There are around 5 different SMS packages in the Telenor Talkshawk.


Telenor Daily SMS Package

Package Fee Rs. 4
SMS Quantity 200
Expiry 24 Hours
For Subscription Dial: *345*116#
For Check Status Dial: *111#

Telenor 5 Day SMS Bundle

Package Fee Rs. 7
SMS Quantity 300
Expiry for 5 Days
For Subscription Dial: *345*015#
For Check Status Dial: *111#

Telenor 15 Days SMS Package
Package Fee Rs. 38
SMS Quantity 1500
Expiry 2 Weeks
For Subscription Dial: *345*005#
For Check Status Dial: *111#

Telenor Call Packages


Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Call Packages has the low rates of its packages and highly best quality. Similarly, Telenor djuice also offers cheap Telenor call packages for the ease of their consumers. No matter whichever is the Telenor call package, it is a class of its own on account of the low rates of its package and highly best quality. Both of the services of Telenor i.e. talkshawk and djuice provide a wide variety of cheap Call Packages according to the customer’s budget, demand and need of the package. We are providing our readers the list of Telenor call packages so that without any wastage of time and money they can select the Telenor call package of their own choice in a single glance. its amazing service.

• Telenor 2 Paisa offer
• Telenor Mahana Rakhwala offer
• Telenor Super Star offer
• Telenor Meri Pasand offer
• Djuice Free Call offer
• Djuice Minutes Bundle offer
• Djuice Boltay Jao offer
• Djuice Bol Jigar offer

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages

Here are the internet packages offered by Mobilink Jazz

Daily Lite 3G Package

The package price is Rs.8.
Data available 1GB from 3am to 6pm,
validity 24 hours.
For Subscription dial *114*14#.
For check remaining data, dial *11481482#.

Mobilink Daily 3G Package

The package Price is Rs.17.93.
Volume: 100 MBs.
validity 24 hours.
For Subscription dial *117*1#.
For check remaining data, dial *117*1*2#.

Mobilink Super Daily 3G Package

The package Price is Rs.29.88.
Volume: 200 MBs.
validity 24 hours.
For subscription dial *117*4#.
For Check Remaining data dial *117*4*2#.

Mobilink Jazz Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Packages


Mobilink Jazz gives lowest price SMS packages amongst all of the cell networks in Pakistan. Not most effective jazz to jazz however on any network. In case you are unwell and tired of the present day telecom service you’re the use of, because it eats up all of your pocket money, time has arrived when you need to think about switching to a price saving community. Jazz is a network, which is thought around the globe for its reliability, effectiveness and purchaser dating management. with around extra than millions of clients, and that even who is keep on with it for the reason that inception, Mobilink SMS packages has nailed all of it. Once you are on the network, the spellbinding alternatives, servicing, and tailored programs could never assist you to go again.

In particular talking about SMS applications, there was a time whilst it had a slender scope. but, these days it is taken into consideration as the handiest source of speaking and explaining others the way you sense. calls sure you to the telephone, but with SMS, you can concurrently message and paintings. the scope of a text message is definitely out of this international now – people write complete conversations and unfold it among the group of buddies. they form groups after which unfold an unmarried message after which the by no means finishing hit sessions start. you can not do all this till and until you’ve got a low price carrier and that despite flawless when it comes to indicators. absolutely, jazz SMS programs are designed in a way that your needs might be catered within seconds.
so, here we’re presenting precise facts of all of the Mobilink jazz SMS applications and bundles consisting of daily, weekly, monthly SMS packages with all the information on the fees, validity, quantity of SMS’s and so forth.

listing of Mobilink SMS applications
Mobilink gift diverse SMS bundles so that Mobilink customers may also remain in touch with their cherished ones on Mobilink and different local networks throughout Pakistan thru SMS at low rates and prices.
subscribing to any of those programs isn’t always tough. you just should dial their precise codes; the facts approximately those is available at the reliable website and different forums. lifestyle is a laugh with this kind of brilliant SMS gives because they provide you with a cause to stay connected with pals and others without any problem or different problems.

2 unique jazz voice and SMS bundles are presented by means of Mobilink Pakistan so that the customers can pick the unique jazz voice and SMS bundle that’s greatly acceptable to their needs in addition to finances. jazz voice and SMS bundles are majorly labeled into 2 categories. these categories include:

Mobilink Jazz SMS Bundles:

Jazz SMS Bundles are divided into the following 4 categories.

  1. Mobilink SMS Plus
  2. Mobilink Daily Unlimited SMS Bundle
  3. Mobilink Weekly SMS Bundle
  4. Mobilink Monthly SMS Bundle

1) Mobilink SMS Plus – Jazz:

  •  For the subscription simply dial *106*1#
  •   For the unsubscription of the Package, simple dial *stringID*4*offer code#
  •   150 free SMS
  •   Expiry is 1 day.
  •   This SMS bundle is available for all Jazz packages.
  •   It is re-subscribed automatically.
  •   Taxes are applied.
  •   For checking the status of validity of bundle, simply dial *stringID*2*offer code#

Mobilink Jazz Daily, Weekly, Monthly Call Packages


Mobilink Jazz is the number one network in Pakistan and has introduced multi Jazz Call Packages for its beloved customers. These offers are the following.
Mobilink Jazz is the number 1 network in Pakistan and has introduced a variety of call packages for its customers. People have been searching for the best call various communication packages provided throughout the day in order to be able to enjoy a long conversation with their family and friends. There are various networks that continue to present the latest and most attractive call packages to their customers. Among them is Mobilink offers amazing Jazz call packages for their customers to call for a great experience.

Some of the features that make Mobilink different from other services include:

• Effective rates
• Low prices
• No cheating
• Finest quality
• Best service
• Best international call rates ( less than Rs 4 per minute).

Call Packages:

• Jazz Lambi baat offer
• Jazz GupShup offer
• Jazz 50 paisa offer
• Jazz Apna sheher offer
• Jazz IDD free minutes offer